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Benefits of Google’s Free PageSpeed Insights Services

Google PageSpeed Insights

Page performance is a critical component for every website. You can have really great content and a nice looking website, but if it takes too long to load or isn’t mobile responsive, people will quickly move on to your competitors’ websites – you know it is true because we all do that. Google PageSpeed Insights can analyze how your website is running and provide solutions to increase your website’s performance, load time, and more.

PageSpeed provides a very detailed report of its findings

Get a report that displays how your website is doing and what changes (if necessary) you have to apply. It provides both analysis and optimization services which are really helpful to increase the speed of your website a lot.

Improves the user experience

Today, many people use their mobile devices to visit websites and you can lose a lot of traffic if your page is not mobile responsive. Google PageSpeed Insights creates a detailed report of your current score and let you know if your page respects mobile platforms or not. You may use its performance tips to improve both desktop and mobile web performance.

Includes additional languages

This tool can now be used in different languages, such as Russian, Spanish, and Serbian.

Easy to use

Google PageSpeed Insights doesn’t require you to host your website with or be a customer of Google. You don’t need to fill out any registration forms, create an account, or provide an email address to use it.

and it’s free!

The internet has become overcrowded and you cannot rest on your laurels expecting to be popular and successful if your website is running slow or isn’t performing the way it should. Google PageSpeed Insights’ recommendations are based upon current industry best practices for desktop and mobile web performance, so don’t wait more and start getting more audience, increasing your site’s performance and search engine ranking, and improving your visitors browsing experience.

Would you like to receive help implementing the Google’s Free PageSpeed suggestions?

Feel free to get in touch with us! We can help you optimizing your website based on suggestions made by Google PageSpeed.

R-CAP Security Website

Our team is proud to announce the launching of R-CAP Security brand new site:

This website comes as an effort to communicate all the great services and benefits of R-CAP Security, and, at the same time, work as a channel to receive feedback from their clients.

The R-Cap Security Website

The website shows a modern design: clean and efficient, it uses fair colors that communicate the formality and efficiency of R-CAP Security services. The photos and copy text give on-point information to all their visitors. The web design is, above all, responsive, in a way that the website’s appearance will be as intended in any screen size –from the rather small screen of a cellphone to a desktop or TV screen.

About the Company

R-CAP Security is a security firm that has been in the business since 1997. They’re a growing company that is compromised to treat every client individually according to their specific needs and budget.

We invite you to take a look at the R-CAP Security site and let us know your impressions in the comments section!

SEO Ranking Factors

From SearchEngineLand, here is last year’s Periodic Table of SEO, which includes some of the best practices with regard to ranking factors. Most of the content of this table has not changed over the past year.

Percentage of Clicks on the First Page of Google

Ever wonder what the estimated percentage of people who will click on your organic search results if you are on the first page of Google?

Here is the breakdown from 2013:

Percentage of Clicks on the First Page of Google

Percentage of Clicks on the First Page of Google

These percentages have not really changed much since 2008.

7 Tips Everyone Should Follow To Maximize Website Performance

1. Navigation

Have you landed on a website and had no clue how to find what you were looking for? Confusing navigation is the quickest way to lose website visitors, so ensure that when someone lands on your website they are able to immediately identify “how” to navigate your website. Too many websites have impossible to locate contact pages and their main navigation menu is tough to locate. All the website traffic in the world is useless if those visitors cannot easily navigate around your site.

2. Responsive Design

You will need a responsive website design to ensure every single website visitor has a good user experience, whether they are on a tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile device. If your website is not responsive then you’re passing up on lots of visitor traffic and they’ll find a website that is simple to use on their device.

3. Ensure that your Website Loads Fast

Nobody likes to wait around for pages to load, so if your website load time is sluggish then you’ll need to make some changes. Poor coding, lots of media and images, together with over use of plugins are some reasons your website load time might be slow. A great free tool is Google’s PageSpeed test, which will give you a score for both desktop and mobile and also provide some tips for improving the speed.

4. Design with Simple Colors & Use Easy to Read Font

Simple flat designs are here to stay, so pick a few colors and stick to them. A good clean design will capture the interest of your visitor and allow them to comprehend the layout and functionality of the site quickly. Also, adhere to simple common fonts that can be read easily on all devices. The bottom line is that easier reading will allow your content to make a better impact.

5. Keep Sales Copy Short & to the Point

Make sure that you use short and to the point sales copy, especially on the home page. Remember, your visitor will decide if they will stick around within 3 seconds (possibly before your page loads, see #3 above). Your sales copy doesn’t need to be a book that dives into everything about your product or service. The very first piece of sales copy that your visitor sees should get the point across quickly and have a hook or call to action. You ultimately want every user to complete an action, whether that is to fill out a form, watch a video, or make a purchase. Make it easy for them.

6.Remember to Use Images

We are all visual creatures and absorb information much better when it is presented visually. When you’ve got an ecommerce website and sell products, make sure that you have professional pictures (multiple) for each product. Consumers love to look at pictures of products that they are considering.

7. A/B Test Everything

Test multiple layouts, colors, and actions until you have the winning combination. The only way you will find out a winning combination is to keep testing till you reach the level of actions that produces the desired number of leads, sales, revenue and profit. There’s always room for improvement, so never be afraid to continue to test. Use analytics software and make sure you have a big enough sampling of traffic to test your results.

Keep your computer safe

Almost every type of malware, spyware, and virus can be avoided. Don’t ever click on popups or banners in your web browser unless you are deliberately expecting them, regardless of how convincing they are. A common example is reading a message like “your computer is infected, click here to fix”. Same thing goes with downloading specialized software or customizations like fonts, if the web site isn’t credible, then don’t download from it. Lastly, and along the same lines, delete and do not open suspicious looking emails if you don’t know who it’s from.  Allowing harmful software on your computer could be as harmful as giving a stranger the keys to your house.