Predictable Revenue w/ Website Design

Predictable Revenue Lead Funnel

Predictable Revenue Funnel – Convert Visitors to Revenue via Your Website

Predictable Revenue Lead Funnel

Every business needs a sustainable form of lead generation that results in predictable revenue, which can be dialed up or dialed down as you scale.  There are several steps to this process.

  1. A great website design that can convert visitors to leads.
  2. Measure your website traffic and make adjustments where people drop off to keep them in your funnel.
  3. Set up a remarketing campaign to get people back on your website after they have left.
  4. Landing pages with specific designs, goals and calls to action depending on where your visitors are coming from.
  5. Immediately follow up with and ad value to your leads.

It is important to remember in the design of your website, every page on your website can potentially be a revenue generating landing page.  A mistake a lot of people make is assuming that visitors start on the home page.  Simple Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools data from can help you laser target your efforts, maximizing your level of predictable revenue and predictable prospects.

Predictable revenue based on your website design goes beyond outbound marketing.  Create nuclear opportunities taking the time to figure out:

  • How to use someone else’s distribution
  • How to use somebody else’s brand
  • How to use somebody else’s sales force
  • How to use somebody else’s buyers
  • How to use somebody’s inactive buyers
  • How to use somebody’s unconverted prospects
  • Figure out what people buy before, during, after, concurrently, and instead of… etc

In these cases, having a well designed website will go a long way to offer credibility to your business and will help you stand out from your competition.

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